Brass Products

We are manufacturer and importer of brass sheets, rolled and tubes. Our all imported brass products have brilliant and smooth surface. There are suitable to be used in decoration. Their width is 1000mm and heir thickness are between 0,50-20 mm.

Brightness of surface of imported brass sheet is better than domestic products. It is the reason why imported brass sheet is the most preferred. There is no domestic brass sheet as alternative for imported brass sheets have 1000 mm width. Especially imported brass sheets, which have 0,5-1,2 mm thickness, have specular gloss arein our stocks. We are the main importer for them. As result of this, there is no any alternative products for these brass sheets in terms of quality and price.    

Imported brass sheet sizes.
0,5-50 mm thickness and 2000 mm length. Additionally we can supply brass sheets have 3000 mm when it is requested.
We always keep brass sheets have 0,5-1*1000*2000 mm sizes in our stock.
We always keep brass sheets have 0,5-1*660*2000 mm sizes in our stock.
We always keep brass sheets imported from KME have 0,5-1,2*1000*2000 mm sizes in our stock.

Areas of Usage

It is used in decoration, automotive, subsidiary industry, electric industry. Because of Brightness of surface and vast scale, there is no alternative for our brass sheet in decoration.

It is produced by going through casting, annealing, washing, slitting process. It is produced with requested thickness and wideness. Brass rolls have thickness between 0,1 and 1 in mm with 350 standart are always in our stock. It is produced in accordance with full annealing process as half hard.
Any problems occur while it is using in press due to the precision production and good slitting process.  It should be noted that softness of temper is very important in full annealing.

Brass roll sizes

0,1-5 mm thickness and 350 mm wideness standart brass roll
0,1-5 mm thickness and 660 mm wideness standart brass roll
0,05-5 mm thickness and 1000 mm wideness tailored brass roll
0,1-5 mm thickness and requested wideness tailored brass roll

Areas of usage
Jewellery, fittings, decoration, machine equipment, defense industries, textile industry, automotive industries, radiator, civil work, electric industries.